Third Party is an advisory, consultancy and management company that always finds the best solution to every challenges of strategy, research, development, management and operation in the hospitality, tourism and travel industry since 2007. Third Party develops and implements the relevant strategies and plans as interim managers at site,in-house leading as hands-on operators worldwide.




Hotel Management

We provide management expertise to hotel owners who prefer an efficient solution in a personalized and responsive relationship with their management company. This can be under your own brand name or under a franchise and/or marketing tie- up with a regional or international brand.

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We offer:

  • Responsive and personalized management service
  • Transparent and open relationship
  • Lower management fees than the industry average.
  • Profit oriented incentive fees.

We provide you with:
  • Strategic planning and business plan adaption (development)
  • Operational analysis of revenues, cash flow and profitability
  • Marketing, sales and reservation strategies for specific markets
  • Effective cost control of operational and capital expenses
  • Repositioning hotel properties and identifying turnaround strategies

Third Party   | Hotel Management & Consultancy

Search & Selection for Hotel Operator

Selecting the right operator is one of the most critical decisions for any owner because management contracts effectively transfer control to the operator for the duration of the contract, in many cases 20 or more years.
For new properties being developed to achieve a hospitality product that is attractive, is close to the market and matches international standards, it is recommended to choose and bring in a hotel operator at the early stages of the project. This allows for the brand criteria of the chosen operator to be included in the project, avoiding unnecessary adaptation costs at a later stage.
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Furthermore we support the owner in all contract negotiations with the prospective operator to ensure he contracts at the most advantageous, yet balanced conditions that allow the operator to succeed.
We offer:
  • Knowledge of a worldwide inventory of existing hotel management and franchise brands.
  • Knowledge of operators strengths and their management terms.
  • Introduction to the Owner of a list of finalists with firm letters of intent.
  • Contract Negotiations.
  • The preparation of a professional Operator’s Package (information memorandum for the Owners to understand and evaluate the project proposal).
  • The service of inviting and short listing reputable and suitable operating companies to express their interest to manage
  • Evaluation with the owner and final recommendation for the drafting of the management contact and technical services agreement by our legal counsel.
  • The professional review involving the comparison and assessment of key terms.
Third Party   | Hotel Management & Consultancy

Management Contract Negotiations

We provide essential support to negotiate or renegotiate the complex contracts hotel operators and franchise providers submit. Our experienced consultants and lawyers provide a thorough knowledge of internationally acceptable terms and conditions. The process of management/franchise/lease contract negotiations can take several months and is normally carried out in parallel with the search and selection process for a suitable operator, franchisor or lessee.
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We assist the hotel owner to:
  • Shortlist suitable operators, franchisors or lessees who we feel will be appropriate for the operation.
  • Evaluate the proposals and reach a consensus for a balanced and fair agreement that is mutually beneficial to both the owner and the franchisee/operator/lessee and that meets the owner’s objectives.
  • Safeguard the owner from an unprofitable long term relationship by advising on appropriate exit strategies.
  • Analyze the contracts received from the shortlist, highlighting their key characteristics and the strengths and weaknesses of each offer.
  • Ensure that potential financial and legal risks are analyzed and protection is included in the terms of all contracts and memoranda of understanding.

Third Party   | Hotel Management & Consultancy

Feasibility Study

Conduct detailed research into market demands and supplies, competition and other relevant factors affecting the sustainability of a project; prepare assumptions for the financial models to determine the viability of a new project and its Return on Investment/ Return on Equity, based on the 'Uniform System of Accounts' for the hotel industry.

Third Party   | Hotel Management & Consultancy

Due Diligence

As Third Party, we provide risk and benefit assessment services for our clients.
In each project we run, by analysing financially, technically, operationlly and legally.

By Third Party:
Operational DD

By Our Associates:
Financial DD
Technical DD
Legal DD
Third Party   | Hotel Management & Consultancy

Concept Development

Research shows that more than 65% of failed hospitality projects include insufficient research, unfit concepts, incorrect location, wrong assumptions, poor planning and lack of expertise. To avoid this problem, our experts will help you plan the new business structure in consideration of all perspectives that may influence its long-term life and success.

Our hospitality industry specialists have decades of experience in developing and opening hotels, mixed use developments and other hospitality entities with over 1,000 rooms.

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We are able to offer the following services:
  • Analysis and planning: Include market demand & supply and competition study, preparation of a solid concept and business plan, construction cost and other capital expenditure estimates, financial feasibility study including ROI analysis to ensure the project is financially feasible, preparation of a pre-opening budget.
  • Land issues:  Include “best use of the land study”, assistance in the land acquisition, documentation, title, environmental study, traffic considerations of access and egress, buy versus lease option and financing, legal and financial due diligence.
  • Construction process: organization, coordination and active participation in the planning and design stage, in close collaboration with architects, quantity surveyors and designers from relevant architectural preliminary designs and space programs to practical guidance and monitoring throughout the progress of the construction.
  • Detailed development budget: For construction and Furniture, Fixtures and Equipments (FF&E) costs that also includes design, pre-opening, financing and other development costs.
  • Coordinating and guiding: The critical path to opening, preparation of all pre-opening services required for start-up, in cases where an operator has not yet been appointed.
  • Interior fit-out stage: Preparation of the concept brief in close cooperation with the interior designer, overseeing the procurement of all furniture, fixtures, equipment and operating supplies at best prices and correct quality.
  • Owner’s representation: In cases where an operator is appointed, we liaise with all parties and act on the owner’s behalf to coordinate and monitor all aspects; such as purchasing, infra-structure completion, legal and safety aspects and a tight control over the flow of funds.
Third Party   | Hotel Management & Consultancy

Change Management

We will rectify documented shortcomings and weaknesses in an audited operation and implement the necessary strategies to bring the business back on track and to improved profitability.

Following a business efficiency audit, a qualified manager, supported by our team of specialists, can implement the agreed strategies and recommendations to set up the necessary framework for successful change. He will lead the management team on the way to operational excellence and steer the business towards efficiency and improved profitability.
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Typical tasks:
Change    - The business is driven towards drastic strategic change and the management needs external know-how and experience to pro-actively face this challenge.
Operations    - Unlike an outside advisor, we assist in implementing agreed strategies and improvements, with clearly set objectives and adapted measurable improvement plans.
HR management - HR management in a situation of change and crisis demands utmost attention. We will conduct a clear analysis of the skills and capabilities within the team and recommend all necessary plans and measures to form an able, motivated and successful team of managers and employees.
Continuity - To secure the continuity of the adapted strategic direction, a plan for a minimum period of 6 months will document the set goals and action plans will be drawn up to achieve these goals. Scheduled follow-up sessions will support the continuous implementation and eventual adaptation of the goals to be achieved.

Third Party   | Hotel Management & Consultancy

Interim Hotel Management

We provide temporary senior managers to fill vacant positions for a definite or indefinite period of time. The role is to perform specific tasks and objectives as assigned and agreed with the property owner or senior management.
Interim Hotel ManagementIn times of change, companies periodically require interim management in order to overcome unforeseen situations. Management continuity is essential in such circumstances and can often not be provided from within. We provide these interim managers, who are experienced at adapting to the situation at hand.
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Advantages of Interim Hotel Management:

  • Ability to perform duties required from General Manager to CEO level
  • Short term availability of a competent, experienced senior hospitality manager
  • Not only a consultant but a pragmatic decision maker and problem solver
  • Confidence to propose realistic objectives and achieve these with the management team
  • Brings in new perspectives and has on unbiased overview
  • Being independent, can express his evaluation free of pre-conceived positions
  • His engagement is flexible and can be extended
  • Does not burden your financial situation with unnecessary long-term commitments
  • Allows your full-time management to perform their regular duties without interruption
  • Interim mangers can be brought in for the purpose of seasonal reinforcement, extensions of operations, project management, pre-opening task force, re-branding, change and crisis management or to bridge management shortage created by different circumstances such as resignation, promotion or restructuring

Asset Management & Owner's Representation
Monitoring, controlling and coordinating with the hotel management on owner’s behalf.  This should be a logical continuation of a business audit, change management or new development.
Third Party   | Hotel Management & Consultancy

Business Performance Review

We conduct business performance reviews lasting between 3 – 7 days to detect and document weaknesses in concept, policy set-up, general procedures and operations.
Based on the findings, we offer a custom-built strategy to effectively solve a particular challenge.
Operations may have lost their competitive edge. Adverse changes, lead by the worldwide economic downturn, have had a devastating effect on the bottom line of many enterprises. Management on various levels has been overwhelmed by the task of analyzing the new market situation, demanding decisive change and adaptation to the new circumstances.
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This results in operational inefficiencies, falling service standards, unstructured cost cutting and shortsighted sales and marketing actions, leading to destabilization and demoralization of all concerned.
Our business performance audit focuses on uncovering and visualizing the essential shortcomings in order to focus on a sustainable change and readiness to survive in present times and produce substantial profits in an economic upturn.

Our business performance audit covers the following areas:

  • All operating and administrative support departments
  • Profit and loss statement analysis
  • Human Resources Efficiency
  • Organizational Communication
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Procurement & Logistics
  • Revenue Management
  • Sales & Marketing Distribution
  • Website Audit
Third Party   | Hotel Management & Consultancy

Quality Assurance through Mystery Guest Audit

Mystery shopping has been a long established and useful tool to ensure quality and consistency. Quality audits, as mystery shopping is commonly called, will not achieve measurable results as a single tool, but are part of a holistic method of training to maintain and improve service and quality consistency.
We monitor and evaluate compliance with the operator’s checklist of performance or service standards; if these are not established, we conduct the mystery shopping process benchmarking actual practices against best business practices.


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We provide the following services:

Analysis of key shortcomings within the operation.
Goal setting for key performance indicators.
Setting up of a quality assurance program and its communication to all concerned.
Reports and review of results supported by photographs.
Recommendations for training and policies to owners and management.
Shortcomings and training suggestions that have been identified are addressed by us providing a proper training schedule.
Execution of the mystery shopping series.
Training programs are run the entire year.
Inspectors may stay between 3-4 days, if circumstances require it, instead of rushing through a hectic 2 day audit.
Inspectors take their time for detailed discussions with the owner/general manager to ensure a lasting improvement.

Third Party   | Hotel Management & Consultancy

Wellness and Spa Consulting

Our consulting service provides wellness and spa consulting and spa management services from conceptual development to pre-opening and daily operations. We do offer the complete approach to wellness and spa design, spa concepts, creative brand identity, spa menu designs, business strategy, spa training , sales and marketing and spa management. Whether styling a spa space or curating a bespoke spa menu, we are committed to your excellence.

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When opening a new Spa or revamping an existing Spa our strategic approach includes:

  • Pre Opening & Project Management
  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Modelling & Financials
  • Concept & Philosophy
  • Design of Facilities
  • Crafting Spa & Wellness Programs & Services
  • Procurement of Specialised Equipment
  • PR and Marketing
  • Branding, Graphic Design & Photography
  • Website Design & Digital Marketing
  • Developing Operational Structure
  • Implementing Systems & Processes
  • Staff Recruitment, Training and Development
  • Spa Management

Third Party   | Hotel Management & Consultancy


120 Rooms Luxury Spa Hotel, Marienbad - Czech Republic

80000 sqm Luxury Hotel Complex, Baku - Azerbaijan

170 Rooms Luxury Leisure Hotel, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

119 Rooms Luxury City Hotel, Istanbul - Turkey


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Third Party understands how valuable it is for customers to have choice and flexibility in selecting innovative category leaders that optimize their operations and achieve expected business goals.Among the most experienced business professionals and associates globally, our strategic partners share our commitment to excellence. Third Party works in harmony with the seleceted strategic partners.

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